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Architecture and Design

Interior design is all about how we experience spaces. It’s a powerful, essential part of our daily
lives and affects how we live, work, play, and even heal. Comfortable homes, functional
workplaces, beautiful public spaces—that’s interior design at work.
. Interior design concerns itself with
more than just the visual or ambient enhancement of an interior space, however. It seeks to
optimize and harmonize the uses to which the interior environment will be put.

Interior Decorating

Study your project

• Statement of the existing.
• Outline: development proposals.
• files of listed siting plans.
• Elevations, cuts, 3D views. • Electrical drawings.
• Selection and referencing of materials (tiling, parquet, taps ...).
• Description of the work in lots (masonry, carpentry, plumbing, electricity).
• Consultation of one to several companies for quotation.


We are visiting your home to gather more detailed information. We take
measurements of your space noting electrical outlets, registers, bulkheads, hearths,
mantles, door swings, and so on. We walk a grid of your space while taking photos from every
• Listen to your needs.
• Assessment of the potential of the site.
• Definition of the scope of the mission.
• Planning ideas and tips.


Project Management

During a first appointment, in the place to be rethought, we listen to your requests and
yourdesires. We record this information in order to establish a fair estimate.
After reflecting on the best way to reconcile your desires with the technical and budgetary
constraints, we offer you our proposals and recommendations in the form of plans,
drawings or photos.
When you agree on the direction to follow and on the planning, we implement the
realization, namely the selection of craftsmen, furniture and shopping.

Home Renovations

We get our inspiration from all over the place; books, magazines, the
internet, shops and from friends and family of course.
The creation of elegant, stylish and comfortable homes is our
passion. We are the conduit for our clients’ own vision and
each design is individually tailored to deliver creative solutions for the way they Live. It's about creating an atmosphere. 

Painting & Decorating

When thinking on this, our advice is to do it slowly and think carefully wheter this looks fashionable now but in a few years it won't. We always say to try colours on a small area of the walls to see how its looks. It's all about instinct and how it makes you feel, are you getting a certain emotion when you see a colour which is right for you? Also are you picking a dark colour which in future you may want to change and are all things to consider. Always try things before and after we can give you our professional opinion to advise which colours go best.

Thanks to a wide network of partners selected for the quality of their services, skills and prices, we have a team of people ready to get their hands dirty and to make the structural reforms that will give your home a new lease of life, we take charge of the management of our work and try our best to have precison time constraints followed. From the drafting of plans, expalining the particular specifications, drawing up estimates, planning and site monitoring we have the right people to get the job done.
Woodwork and Crafting

What better way to create the perfect home than using natural materials to achieve this, wood is economical and warm and when crafted becomes art. The senses are uplifted with wood in a home and can be used in every part of the home from the floor to the ceiling, it also compliments any exsisiting fabrics, metal, glass, marble that you already have in your home. It can be varnished, painted and shaped as you wish. Using nautural occuring materials gives a great sense of inviting the outdoors inside.

Functionality & Atmosphere
These most important things to get right. The fabrics, the floor coverings, the furniture and the lighting are the tools that we use to create this. We never make a rush decisions and we always make informed decisions to apply a process of elimination approach if when we can. The more we do it, the more confident you will become in our decision making. We always tell you what we think and the final decision always lies with you.
Flooring and Tiling
So many options to choose from, parquet, ceramic, real wood, Vinyl carpet etc. Hundreds of designs and composites that you can choose from. The important aspect to remember is how well will this fucntion with the particulars of the property, thinking practically helps as with areas of high water saturation to opt or a ceramic which will endure. Flooring makes a huge difference to any apartment and it can make all of the difference so let us find whats best for you.

"One of the finest design construction agencies I have ever worked with"

~ John Worthington