Searching for a mortgage/hipoteca offer has never been easier!

We have partnered with Habeno to offer you the best mortgages, customised especially for non Spanish residents. Given the current financial climate, unfortunatly some lenders are less inclined to offer non-condicional mortgage approvals, with JLIB mortgages the opportunties are limitless.
The service is 100% free of charge with no commitments
How does it work? Our mortgage calculator tool below will automatically calculate the amount you want to borrow, the downpayment needed to secure the pre-approval and the monthly repayments. We offer mortgages ranging from 100,000€- 3,000,000€. Should you require a higher amount please feel free to contact us. Once you have input your individual data, we will get to work to find the best options tailored to your own unique circumstances.
This service is not just limited to Barcelona, but across all of Spain. We will save you countless hours of arranging appointments with providers, banks and lenders. Utilise your time better not having to attend in person appointments and waiting for an extended period of time to receive progress reports for your application. With our service, we guarantee a turn around of less than 24 hours to have that peace of mind that you can reserve the property of your dreams.